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Update 23rd March

Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds, under our normal terms and conditions you would lose your deposit for any cancellations you make and if you had paid in full you would get a refund of any subsequent nights booked, through no fault of our own we have been ordered by the government to close down so through no fault of yourselves and through no fault of ourselves your holiday cannot go ahead but in this situation instead of customers losing their deposit we have agreed to transfer it to another date within 12 months of your original booking this will allow us to continue to offer holidays when all this is over, we have what we thought was incredibly good insurances in place for all sorts of situations but it seems they will not pay out for anything that affects any business caused through Coronavirus as it is not on their register of disease  because it was not known 3 months ago.

I hope this explains why we are not able to offer refunds.

Please stay safe and we will see you soon

Date 22nd March 2020

It is with incredibly heavy hearts that  Andy & Michele have taken the very difficult decision to temporarily close our park from Monday 23rd March, until we believe it’s safe for people to travel.

We have been ordered to close by the Government, we must all play our part in trying to reduce non-essential travel and the enormous pressure on valuable local and national emergency and other essential services.

Our business insurance covers us for all-natural disasters, but it does not cover us for loss of earnings because COVID-19 is not on any insurers’ list of diseases ! ! The financial burden will be enormous, but this is absolutely the right decision, and we WILL get through this.

Quite simply, this has been one of the darkest weeks in our 20 years of trading.

This decision has a massive financial implication for us. In the past few weeks we have had hundreds of cancellations, following a winter of considerable expenditure on repairs, maintenance and improvements. We know we are going to be facing a struggle to continue paying our bills, please be assured that we will still be here and working towards re-opening the park when we get though this awful situation.

We would like to thank you for your co-operation and patience at this uncertain time and hope you understand why we have undertaken this unprecedented action. Having seen the utter devastation this disease has caused in other countries it is time for us all to stand together and try to get back to normality as soon as possible.

Everyone’s ability to come through this, won’t just be down to what government or business can do, but by the individual acts of kindness we show one another.

We are asking our wonderful customers not to ask for refunds, but to defer holidays to later in the year, move to 2021 or hold balances as credits for when the time is right.

We want to look back on this time and remember how, in the face of a generation-defining moment, we undertook a collective national effort – and we stood together.

It’s on all of us, and we really appreciate your support.
We cannot express how sad we both are but are absolutely confident this is what we must do to beat this.


We know that many, many of you will have questions and that we are about to receive hundreds calls and emails. We will respond to each and every one of you as soon as we can. You are all very valued and important to us. For now, we won’t be able to answer all phone calls. So please email    and we will get back to you all in the order we receive them.


Stay Safe and Best Wishes

Andy & Michele

Run Cottage Touring Park